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I was in a lot of pain from a surfing injury and they got me in that same day and worked around my schedule. Lawrence Truong is my chiropractor at this office. He is very informative, kind, and puts your nerves at ease when stepping into a providers office. I like that he takes the time to explain treatment to you, as well as what he finds in his exam. He explains a short term and long term plan so you know what to expect and always answers my questions thoroughly. I like that he has given me tips to manage the pain I encounter throughout my workday which is very sedentary work. I experienced immediate relief from the headache I was having as soon as he adjusted me. I will continue to go there as I am still experiencing discomfort and pain especially during the workday.

The office administrator, Holly is very pleasant, kind and welcoming. I really like this facility and plan to go back.

Marissa M.


I’ve been to a few different chiropractors throughout my life. What I look for in a chiropractor is someone with a no BS approach with a great attitude and a thorough understanding of the practice.  Most importantly, I want to walk away with a killer adjustment, feeling 100%.  After my first visit to Dr. Truong, I am hooked!

I found this place on Yelp – I was in desperate need of an adjustment and wanted to find a place near home.  I was a little weary walking in to a brand new office without a recommendation from an actual acquaintance but, like I said, I was desperate and in a lot of pain.  Let me tell you, I am so happy to have found this place!  I’ve seen Dr. Truong twice now, and he has already made a world of difference for me.  I have periodic neck pain that is practically debilitating and a painful shoulder from an old injury.  On my first visit, Dr. Truong addressed my needs very directly, did not give me the run-around, and gave me a very thorough workup.  He took xrays to get a better idea of my problem and to make sure I don’t have any serious underlying issues.  The xrays were developed instantly, and he immediately went to work on my neck.  At the office, they have some great electrical current-type therapy instruments that felt great on my tense muscles.  He also gave me a stellar adjustment, and we worked out a long-term plan to get my issues under control and pain free.  I was in and out of the office in about 45 minutes, and I felt like I had gotten much more than my money’s worth!

I have seen him once more since, and he remembered me and everything about my individual needs.  I hate when I go to a medical professional more than once, and they act like it’s the first time we’ve ever met.  This was definitely not the case with Dr. Truong.  Not only did he remember my specific medical needs, he also remembered some details about my life outside the office and asked how things were going.  No time was wasted going over my chart; he was already up to speed.

I would recommend Dr. Truong to anyone.  The office is very friendly, genuine, and professional.  The reception staff is great as well!  Go give it a try!

Kelly M.

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I went to Dr. Truong on two separate occasions and had great results both times.

The first time was when I was having some back problems that my previous chiropractor of 1.5 years could not make any progress on. I was referred to Dr. Truong from a coworker and knew he had a good reputation. After about 6 sessions I was already better off than I had been for the last year and a half. Within 3 months I was feeling the best I had felt in about 10 years.

The second occasion that I went to Dr. Truong was after I was in a very serious multiple car crash in which my car was totaled. Thanks to air bags and a beautifully engineered car for crashes (Altima Hybrid) my external injuries were minimal. However the force of going from 65 mph to 0 in a second or so really rattled my spine. I went to Dr. Truong the very next day and he began treatment on me right away. As the rest of my body started to feel the residual pains from the accident, my back although sore, never locked up on me like I was expecting. Instead, I was feeling back to normal within 2 months.

Dr. Truong is the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. His office is calm and relaxing. I have recommended him to friends when they are in need for an excellent chiro.

John C.